Logiciels GNU/Linux


Les articles suivants vous dirigeront vers les logiciels GNU/Linux les plus fins qui sont disponibles. Presque tous ces logiciels sont OpenSource.


If you believe that Linux is just for business, think again! There are thousands of games available that run on your favorite distribution. Here are the best around!
The hottest Linux games covering all genres: Part 1Part 2Part 3
More quality games, again divided into three parts: Part 1Part 2Part 3
Video Console Emulators – GameBoy, Nintendo 64, Megadrive, PlayStation 1 and 2 and Arcade
Home Computer Emulators – Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amstrad and Amiga
Educational – Games edutainment combining education and entertainment
Chess – including clients, databases and engines
Commercial Games – Native Linux games that require a payment


Internet & Networking
Internet and networking software has always been one of Linux’s strongest areas.
Security – Exhaustive survey of all the finest security tools
Email – Email clients, groupware, servers, utilities, security, filtering, mailing list managers and more
Instant Messaging Clients – Real-time text communication between two or more individuals
News Aggregators – Collect news, weblog posts, and other information from the web
Voice Over IP Software – Telephone-like voice conversations across IP based networks
Remote Display Software – Use the mouse and keyboard to control another computer remotely
IRC Clients – IRC is a type of real-time Internet text messaging
Twitter Clients – Popular social networking utility
System Monitoring Tools – Real-time incident notification, performance analysis etc


Desktop environments consist of icons, windows, toolbars, folders, wallpapers, and desktop widgets.
Lean Desktops – The finest candidates for older hardware
File Managers – Orthodox, navigational and spatial file managers
Window Managers – Compositing, stacking and tiling window managers


Graphics & Multimedia
With a huge selection of open source software available, Linux offers the ideal environment for audio and video enthusiasts.
Graphics – Create, modify and convert 2D and 3D computer graphics
Audio – Music players/managers, recording/editing and more
Video – Players, video recorders, collection managers and more
Screencasting – Digital recordings of computer screen output
Computer Aided Design – Produce professional drawings
Console Based Multimedia – Light on system resources
Music Servers – Turn your Linux box into a music server, distributing digital tracks over a network
Dedicated multimedia distributions: 64 Studio, DeMiDi, dyne:bolic, and Ubuntu Studio


Backup software is used to perform a complete back up of a file, data, database, system or server. It enables users to make a duplicate of everything contained on the original source. This type of software is also used to perform a recovery of the data or system in the event of a disaster.
Backup Tools – Intuitive graphical interfaces, snapshot software, and command-line tools


Financial software covers a wide spectrum including personal finance, stock trading, investment analysis, accounting, business solutions and microfinance.
Financial – Keep track of stock market movements, analyse the markets, and more


Text Editors
A text editor is software used for editing plain text files. It has many different uses such as modifying system configuration files, writing programming code, jotting down thoughts, or even making a grocery list.
Editors – This article covers console, graphical, HTML editors, and text processing software


Family History
Tracing your ancestry is painstaking work, can be extremely addictive and creates large amounts of data. Software which offers tailored functionality, to store data and relationships between parents, spouses and children, as well as handling additional events in an individual’s life, photographs, free-form notes, and other multimedia, and source citations.
Family History – This article covers native Linux clients, Java and web based software


Scientific Software
Science really prospers and advances when individuals share the results of their experiments with others in the scientific community. There is a certain logic that scientific software should therefore be released in a freely distributable environment.
Scientific – Maths, biology, chemistry, physcis, electronics & enginnering and more


Free Proprietary Software
Software licenses stir up emotive feelings in the Linux community. Licenses generally fall into one of two broad categories: proprietary licenses and open source licenses. The type of software license an application uses is significant in the effect it has on the rights of the user of the application, and whether a programmer chooses to contribute his or her time to its development.
Closed-Source Software – Business, Internet, Graphics, System, Development


Office Software
Linux is becoming very popular in the business environment.
Top Office suites: OpenOffice, KOffice
Project Management – Project management tools
Relational Databases – Most databases are based on this type
PDF Tools – create, view and manipulate Portable Document Format (PDF) files


Linux provides everything a developer could want in the coding department.
Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) – for software development
Compilers – Converts language statements into machine code
Debuggers – Essential in any software development
Revision Control Applications – Essential tools for programming collaboration
Documentation Generators – Generates documentation intended for programmers and end users


Web Applications
Applications that are accessed via web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. It is also a computer software application that is coded in a browser-supported language (such as HTML, JavaScript, Java, etc.) and reliant on a common web browser to render the application executable.
Web Content Management Systems – Keeps track of content on a website
Wiki Engines – A type of collaborative software that runs a Wiki system
Blog Applications – Maintain an ongoing chronicle of information on a website
eCommerce – Shopping cart software
Human Resource Management – Managing an organisation’s human capital
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning Software
CRM – Customer Relationship Management Software
Data Warehouse – Real time access to information and data



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